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I love engineering pads

January 4, 2016

After having spilled coffee on one pad and actually finished the two others that generally live on my desk, I went to the pile of office supply paper and dug out an engineering notepad. I found this:

Making Embedded Systems Info Sheet

This is clearly a sketch for an information sheet from the podcast two years ago. So much has changed about the show (even its title) that this is a pretty funny little view into the beginnings of the show.

Of course, I wasn’t digging for an engineering pad purely for nostalgia. I wanted to sketch something out. And since I kept re-doing it until it almost looks good, I figure I should share it.

I wanted to know how the itty-bitty quadcopter’s motors worked. This is for the Cheerson CX-10, a quadcopter that is just a bit bigger than a quarter.