April Fool’s Joke

April 8, 2015

Over a thousand people have downloaded an episode of the embedded.fm where I interview our cat

At least three people listened to the whole thing, probably more. It was not our usual hour, only about 20 minutes but still I interviewed our cat. Chris piped up occasionally with the most hilarious additions. But I didn’t really expect other people to listen to the whole thing. I did it for my own amusement. I felt a bit guilty as it caused Chris lots of work (editing it was really tough! And yes, that was our cat though there were multiple recording sessions).

This is the first time I’ve ever participated in April Fools day. It has always been something I avoided or looked on with annoyed amusement (ThinkGeek, though, that is pure amusement).

There is a community to having done a prank like this. 

I found the episode really funny to plan, to do, and to listen to. It worked for me and even thinking about it now makes me want to giggle.

But a joke that is shared? It is much better.