In which we discuss my hypocrisy

May 12, 2014

About a month ago, I had a little debate with myself on blogging for other sites, in particular turning my EELive presentation into a blog series. I decided that I hate flashing ads (no news there) and I’d like to be paid for my work (also, not a huge surprise).

Imagine the shock when I started publishing on element14 about What Marketing Won’t Tell You about the Internet of Things. So here’s the deal: element14 has editors who proofread my work (reading over this blog is cringe-inducing, clearly I cannot spell or punctuate), they don’t having blinking ads, and they are paying me. It is more than dinner and less than my mortgage. I’m thrilled because I think the information will get a wider audience there (plus Christopher says I should immediately spend all writing-money on self indulgence (I don’t know why but who am I to argue?)).

In my debate-y blog post here, I had a list of other activities that came first. I have done a lot of educational, nonpaying personal projects, really gotten things done (as anyone with a DIY project knows, actually getting things done is unusual). I ordered, soldered, and tested my first board. I’ve fished for jobs, nearly had one and then had it fall through so I need to start fishing again.

I haven’t taken a break from tech, mostly because I don’t really want to. I want to want to take a break. But writing the blogs, working on the are-you-ok widget, and soldering the motor boards: those have been tough to interrupt because I truly enjoy doing them. So given the next idea I have (stuck in the “maybe this is neat, maybe it is dumb” stage), I doubt I’ll actually wander off to garden or paint or something.

But I should get a contract. Someday. After this blog post. Or after I go to the library. Or after I see if my next idea is neat or dumb. Definitely after the sparkfun tutorial comes out (squee!).

Ahh, yes, the are-you-ok widget will be a sparkfun tutorial (soon!). I’m not getting paid for that and it is technically blogging for another side. But it is sparkfun. I love sparkfun. (And adafruit too.) And also, that whole monitoring thing? I wish I’d had it sooner, before my mom fell, was alone for too long, and passed away. Sometimes the projects aren’t about money. I’m overjoyed that it is working and maybe a few people will build them. Certainly, I’ll keep advocating for the manatees (even when one turns out to be an octopus).



  1. I don’t think you were hypocritical at all – especially since you summed up your post with “I’m ambivalent,” so you’re totally off the hypocritical hook.

    I’m glad you’re writing up the content of your IoT talk, and that you’re getting paid for it too!

    Also, “Maxwell” is a great name for that octopus, and maybe even for the whole line of products, because: 1. It’s a “regular” name, and 2. the “well” part makes it sound healthy/safe/comfortable without any creepy/spying-on-me overtones.

    Similar-but-probably-much-worse-but-feel-free-to-use-them-names: Rosy, Haley (‘hale’ means robust/healthy)

  2. I know, it isn’t really hypocrisy but those titles don’t make themselves up. 🙂

    Maxwell is from Maxwell’s demon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maxwell's_demon) because this was the first Electronic Imp that I got.

    I’m happy about the connotations for the ayok widget. I really like Rosy and Haley too so those are going on the list of new ones. Thank you!

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