Thinking-of-you scarf

August 1, 2013

I should make something today. It is a work day and I don’t have a contract. Sure, I wrote show outlines for podcasts to come, did our newly incorporated company’s payroll, and fished for a new contract. But I’m not really satisfied. I need something to do.

(Yes, I’m supposed to be taking a break. This is taking a break.)

Looking around, what do I have and what can I make from that? I want to play with my Electric Imp (podcast), to use the web to control something. I started to write Imp code to connect to a BlinkM so I could remotely change the color of the I2C LED. (I love the BlinkMs, they make excellent pumpkin candles for Halloween.) That doesn’t quite work but it almost did, so it will probably take just a bit of fiddling.

I also have some conductive fabric I borrowed from a friend for another project. I should use it or give it back.

The song I’m listening to has a line, something about only thinking about you when you are near.

I wonder if I could build a scarf that would light up when I went to the internet and gave you a (pat? kiss? thought?). If you gave the address to me and someone else, our (snuggle? fuzzy? hug?) could be different colors.  When you received your (cuddle? truffle? smile?), you would think of me and we’d be in sync for a second.

I wonder if I could make one or two and then sell them on Etsy or something. Hmmm… I’m not even sure I need the conductive fabric. Hmmm…

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