Cute internet enabled LED

August 29, 2013

Ok, I’m done. Or done enough.

Thinking of you LED


As you can see, I procured a jar and some semi-transparent rocks to diffuse the light. Recently the jar was mistaken for a jar of ice, so that’s what it looks like when it isn’t lit. The webpage looks like it did in the last post. It now posts the sender name as well as the color. I can snoop to see the server log with the sender name but didn’t make a page for the thinkee to see who sent them love when they weren’t looking.

The battery got bigger so that it lasts for about a week with 3-5 events/day. I did switch to a standard LED instead of my I2C LED so the total parts cost is about $70, pricey but it is handmade.

Things I kind of want to add to the project (projects are never finished):

  • Add battery monitoring so it does something when the battery needs charging
  • Add a thinkee page to see who sent love
  • Add an accelerometer so the thinkee can tap and have that get back to the sender
  • Update the Electric Imp to use the beta agent interface so the response is prettier after love is sent
  • I suppose some would say it needs a better container but I find this one quite amusing in its homemadeness.

I thought about selling this on Etsy but, really, I could sell this to a couple real-life people without bothering to learn how to do Etsy.

If I sell it, though, I don’t think I’d build another. I have a different idea. One that matters a more to me. But we’ll talk about that later. Soon.


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