I don’t know why she ate the fly

January 16, 2013

There is a guy crawling around my ceiling right now. On the upper side. And this is literal, not my usual metaphoric guy crawling around my head.

The guy is from a Solar City, he’s looking at the roof, at what would need to be replaced.  Because all or part of our roof will need to be replaced before we get solar panels. I’ve wanted solar panels for a long time. It just meets some check on the list of “living in the future”.

Solar City at our house

When we moved in to the house, they said the roof would last 3-5 years and need re-doing. That was 15 years ago and every year we wonder if THIS is the year. And every year, including this one, we call a roofer to check it out and they do a couple repairs then say it will last 3-5 years.

So why is there another guy planning to destroy the roof? We’ve been waiting to get solar until the roof went. But the tail is going to wag the dog a bit:

We want a new roof because we want solar. We want solar because if we get solar, the panel upgrade is free. We need a panel upgrade because 100A is not enough to run the oven, the microwave and the charging station. We need the charging station for the new car. We need the new car because we got the garage re-done.


Garage workspaceGarage floorGarage cabinets

No, that last part isn’t right. We got the garage re-done because of the new car. And because the garage was horrific but it is super nifty now. And the floor will match the new car.

Which we will get on Saturday. Hopefully.